A typical main contractors on a construction project will be managing as many as 70 subcontractors. But only 32% have a high level of trust in those subcontractors, according to recent findings.

We think that’s a problem.

Our latest eGuide will help you turn supply chain adversaries into partners for success, with 5 top tips to help you:

  • Eliminate costly disputes over late payments and other problems
  • Choose the right technologies that will help the supply chain work together
  • Automate key processes to save time and avoid supply chain misunderstandings.

… and identify key areas such as the monthly payment application and valuation process, where robust solutions can now alleviate supply chain friction and inefficiencies.

Reap the cost and time savings of a collaborative approach across your supply chain. Download: The Construction Payment Blueprint - 5 Ways to Control Supply Chain through Collaboration

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